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Bless Me Father

April 28, 2018

If you dance with the devil, then you must pay the devil. There are a lot of devils and Emmett Casey’s dance card is always full. When we first meet him, it’s time to pay up: it’s decision time.

Through the mean streets of inner-city Chicago and the steaming jungles of Vietnam, Emmett struggles with his world and himself. Rough beginnings in the slums of Chicago shaped him and made him tough; the last thing he wanted to be. Good and evil become relative to the situation, and he learns to dance with his devils—quickly. Balancing heroism and catastrophe, Emmett walks through his damaged childhood to become a decorated veteran, finding trouble and salvation at every juncture. He prays for redemption but knows he doesn't deserve it, forgiveness although he cannot accept it. Ultimately, the time has come for him to choose: face his ill-conceived choices and rise above his actions—or die.

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For I Have Sinned

Available now

Mick (little Mick) Casey, a tail gunner in WWII, came home from the war a hero in everyone’s eyes but his own. Damaged by the horrors he witnessed, Mick did what many returning veterans did—he learned not to feel. Stepping back onto the civilian streets he assumed the perception of a normal life. He marries, has a family and tries to make a life in inner-city Chicago. Deeze gives readers a glimpse of how a father’s inability or unwillingness to heal creates a love-hate relationship with son Emmett that sends the child down a steep path of loneliness and self-destruction.


The Heretic

Available now!

Emmett Casey is a man desperately trying to outrun his own history and his family’s heritage. He seeks forgiveness but knows there is no redemption in it. The long road of life now behind him in which he has attempted to atone for the sins of the past while they still haunt his dreams and waking thought, Casey fights his way toward respectability as he lives his life for those that can no longer live it for themselves. No longer young he recalls his past lives and the youthful energy that fueled his frenetic struggle to acceptance. Sorry for those lives of others that he took, thankful for the lives he saved and regretful for the life he didn’t live himself, in this, the third chapter of the saga of Emmett Casey, he at last turns and comes to terms with his past.

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