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A tease for the second novel of the series, 'For I Have Sinned'.

“You show up for your probation interview, an SOG FBI agent arrives, shows his credentials and tells your PO that you, Mr. Casey, are a ‘person of interest’ in an ongoing investigation of kidnapping and sex trafficking, the SOG tells the PO that he has jurisdiction in the case and will be interviewing you today, you leave together.

Suddenly you become far more interesting to your PO. By sheer association, there becomes an implicit admission of some involvement in a criminal activity. You are still under the Uniform Code of Military Justice and the UCMJ is not the criminal justice system that civilians answer to. The UCMJ rules are very different when it comes to allegations of illicit activity. I certainly wouldn’t want to bet on the outcome of that hearing if I were a betting man."

My parole officer tracked us with his eyes all the way out of the office.

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