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Old friends, new memories

This weekend several friends and family members along with me traveled to St. Louis, Missouri to take in the Cubs/Cardinals ballgame on Saturday night. It was hot and steamy and we saw an excellent game with an excellent outcome. (The Cubbies won!) On Sunday, I was in the city I took the opportunity to visit old friends that I had not seen in many years.

It was a little scary, and a little exhilarating all at the same time. They had always been beautiful and intelligent people and I on the other hand had spent the interim years being "ridden hard and put away wet" as the expression goes. When we arrived it couldn't have been a better experience. They, of course, were still beautiful and intelligent and extremely welcoming, and I soon realized that they in-turn also thought that I had aged fairly well.

Over an excellent lunch we shared lots and lots of laughs and fondly remembered many friends now gone. It was a glorious day, and easily made surviving the insufferable heat of Missouri well worth the trip. As our visit began to wind down they both confided that they had read my novel, Bless Me Father, and thought that it was good. The icing on the cake was when Christine, said she had an example of what she enjoyed most and she had marked it in the book so she could remember it.

That being said she retrieved it and turned to page 121 and read the passage to us all. It moved her, and all of us seated around the table, even me and I wrote it.

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