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Redemption or retribution? Questions will be answered; heroes will emerge…

Coming on May 1st!!!

Outskirts Press Announces the Release of Michael Deeze’s Latest Novel: For I Have Sinned

Denver, CO and Chicago, IL – Fans of Michael Deeze’s highly acclaimed debut novel, Bless Me Father, will be pleased to learn of the release of his second book, which continues the saga of the Casey family, a father and son scarred by war and struggling to relate to each other. For I Have Sinned has been published by Outskirts Press—the fastest-growing, full-service self-publishing and book marketing company.

Mick (Little Mick) Casey, a tail gunner in WWII, comes home from the war a hero in everyone’s eyes but his own. Scarred by the horrors he has witnessed, Little Mick does what many returning veterans do in order to cope—he learns not to feel. Stepping back onto the civilian streets, he assumes the perception of normalcy. He marries, has a family and tries to make a life in inner-city Chicago.

For I Have Sinned weaves the history of an ill-fated child's transition from a lonely rebel and decorated war veteran to a man who looks all too familiar to him, a man like his father—all earned the hard way. It’s a poignant tale of how a father’s inability or unwillingness to heal creates a love-hate relationship with his son Emmett, sending the child down a steep path of loneliness and self-destruction.

Michael Deeze was named one of the “Most Exciting Independent Writers for 2018” by Indie Authors Magazine for his short stories. For more information, visit his website at Michael Deeze Books.

At 428 pages, For I Have Sinned is available online through Outskirts Press. It is also sold through Amazon and Barnes and Noble for a maximum trade discount in quantities of 10 or more and is being aggressively promoted to appropriate markets with a focus on the fiction category.

Michael Deeze is a natural-born storyteller—in life and in print. A child of the sixties, he draws extensively from his own diverse life experiences and subsequent education to introduce the hapless Little Mick Casey. A Vietnam-era vet and Doctor of Chiropractic, Deeze now lives and maintains a small private practice in Illinois after spending decades living near the forests of rural Wisconsin. He's a devoted father to his three children, a magical daughter, two grown sons, and his dog. His first novel is Bless Me Father, with Heretic coming soon.

Outskirts Press, Inc., 10940 S. Parker Rd - 515, Parker, Colorado 80134

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