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Really great review, by unknown......For I Have Sinned

A child in the notorious Maplewood Commons housing projects of inner city Chicago, Michael Deeze grew up hard. And fast. Surrounded by crime and violence, his family struggled to just hold their own while trying to escape their own poverty. Deeze gained street sense young, and it became the backdrop for a life of multiple indiscretions or occupations, call them what you will.

Deeze is a natural-born storyteller—in life and in print. A child of the sixties and a U.S. Army veteran of the Vietnam era, he draws extensively from his own diverse experiences and subsequent education to introduce the hapless Emmett Casey. Now a retired Doctor of Chiropractic, Deeze lives in northern Illinois after spending decades living near the forests of northern Wisconsin. He’s a devoted father to his three children, a magical daughter, two grown sons, and his dog. His first novel is the critically acclaimed Bless Me Father, with The Heretic coming soon

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