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The Heretic is coming soon!

The date for The Heretic is set for June 17th! Finally the third edition of the saga of Emmett Casey. A full life lived and the memories of the past that follow him always. Memories of the lives he's touched, the lives he's lost and the lives he ended. At last he faces it all, and the scales of justice will be balanced perhaps. Emmett learns whether he can find peace, or redemption in his quest for forgiveness. Will it be enough?

During the period where writers endure the editing and rewriting process I have begun to video record many of the chapters of The Heretic that did not make the final cut but are worth repeating. You can find them on YouTube under Michael Deeze's channel. I hope you like them, they're fun to make.

Always please, if you like what we do - tell everyone.

If you don't - tell us.

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