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Apologies and Announcements

First my apologies. I have not written anything in this blog for quite some time. I've been writing the new book and have only just now finished. When I get involved with things like this my focus tends to wander all over the map, and concentration is difficult as all the possible scenarios vie for position in my imagination. But with that said, I'm back.

I've also relocated back to my beloved Wisconsin, and the move for such an old guy was rigorous and exhausting. But I am home at last!

The new book, which I co-wrote with my wonderful daughter is scheduled for release in mid-May. I'm excited to say that it is the best writing I've done since I started and that I personally love the story and the characters. You'll enjoy it too I'm sure. Here is a small excerpt of 'Annie Abbott and the Druid Stones'. I hope you like it.

"At first, Bracken had shown no improvement. He slept on his makeshift bed of tree roots, suspended in the water of the pool. The fairies brought him food, but he would not eat. His breathing had steadied and the wounds to his side and face had been mended with due skill, but as time passed, he slowly sank deeper and deeper, drifting farther and farther away.

Annie fretted over him, whispering into his ear, urging him to come back. But he had not responded.

“Old One, is there anything else that I can do?”, Annie asked the great willow in frustration.

“The life force has departed.”

“What does that mean.”

“His spirit longs for death.” The great tree’s voice was deep and morose.

“No, that can’t happen. I need him. I need him to get well.”

“A selfish wish.”

“No! Well maybe, I guess. But he shouldn’t die in vain, not someone who has battled so bravely for so long. He shouldn’t die like this.”

“The battlefields of man, are littered with those that deserved a better death.”

“Old One, how can I help him?”

“So that he may serve your need?”

Annie consulted her feelings, “No. I want to help him. If his wish is to pass through the veil then I will try and make him comfortable. But if I can spark his spirit to live again, then I wish for that. I want what is best for him.”



“I will help. Tell the brave one, your deepest desire. Then ask his.”

The great tree shifted his roots and the great wolf descended deeper into the cool water.

Annie leaned over the great Dire wolf, “Bracken, please hear me. My greatest desire at this moment is to see you restored. To see you again in all your strength. I have a lot of allies right now, but what I need and want more than anything is a friend. I need you to be my friend.” Annie surprised herself when she recognized that that was really what she was hoping for. “What is your wish? I’ll do my best to help you accomplish it, my friend.”

For the first time in several days Bracken opened his eyes, “You wish my friendship?” he whispered.

“Yes, I do.”

“I have no friends of trust, only allies in battle.”

“I would be your friend, if you desired it.”

“That is a kindness.” He took a deep breath, “a friend is a treasure, but carries its own burden. I must become stronger to deserve such a responsibility. I must earn such a gift, I will be your friend, for one hour, one day or perhaps a lifetime.”

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