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The magic that is knowledge

The Druid continued as he stirred the fire;

"The knowledge, even the emotion that was gained in a lifetime does not die when the man does. To whatever extent possible, knowledge and wisdom continues beyond the grave for those who would have wished to truly know the man. It is there to be accepted or denied by those that come after. Many do not try and find it within themselves, they become involved with their petty lives and do not seek wisdom over pleasure. They never understand that by accepting the gift that lies just beyond their reach they could have both.

For the few that wish to learn as deeply as they possibly can they must first learn how to access that gift left behind by their fathers and their father’s fathers. They must learn how to negotiate the maze of hallways of memory and find that gift that was planted within them long before they drew breath. They will learn that they are both themselves and those they sprang from. They become them if they can relax enough to look within.

But knowledge and wisdom bring with them great responsibility. It is that responsibility that most people do not want to accept. It diverts them from the path of seeking their pleasures and directs them toward a life of service. The knowledge of the past is only as useful as those that wish to add to it, but it carries with it the memories and personalities of each individual that went before. The memories of our ancestors, each one individually, each one who contributed to this treasure trove of experience, who they were and what they did is there within, all the way back to the ‘long fathers’ at the very beginning of the new age."

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