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Welcome to the World of Emmett Casey

The three-part saga of Emmett Casey finishes with 'The Heretic' to be released in mid-June!  Time has passed and a full life has been lived.  Emmett Casey would be the first to admit that he was not perfect, however, his recollections are perfectly presented in his memories of the lives he has touched, and the ones he has changed.

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Writings of Michael Deeze

Michael Deeze is a natural storyteller, in life and in print. A physician, veteran, son and father, he cleverly writes from experience, imagination and his heart. His adventures are intertwined into the tales of the hapless Emmett Casey.

Deeze weaves the history of an ill-fated child's transition from a lonely, inner-city rebel, decorated war veteran and into a man who looks all too familiar to him, a man like his father—all earned the hard way. You will ride a wave of emotions while reading Bless Me Father.

After spending decades living near the forests of rural Wisconsin, Deeze now lives and maintains a small, private practice in Illinois. He's a devoted father to his three children, a magical daughter, two grown sons and his dog.

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 "I took a good drink from the newly arrived beer and then I started to talk.  I talked about draft cards, and whores.  I talked about hippies and college students, I talked about rednecks and retribution, and the more I talked, the more I couldn’t stop talking." 

Emmett Casey

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April 28, 2018

Bless Me Father

"Bless Me Father" introduces us to Emmett Casey.  Michael Deeze weaves a tale that takes readers into and through the mean streets of inner-city Chicago and the steaming jungle battlefields of  Vietnam as we see Emmett struggle with his world and himself. His rough beginnings in the slums of Chicago shaped him, and made him tough, which was the last thing he wanted to be.  Adventure and misadventure will make you laugh, cry, and shake your head in bewilderment or amazement.

With little to guide him, Emmett stumbles in and out of trouble throughout his childhood, finding himself as a teen forced to enlist in order to escape a jail sentence.

Balancing heroism and catastrophe, Emmett walks through his damaged childhood only to become a decorated veteran, racked with survivor’s guilt and seeking trouble and salvation at every juncture. Ultimately, the time has come and he must decide: face his ill-conceived choices and rise above his actions, or die.

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"This is an interrogation room.  I have seen them before and I know the mirror is a two-way window.  It appeared that they were taking my arrest as seriously as I was, so I decided to start to rehearse my sincerity speech, which had worked practically never, just in case it came to that, and realized I didn’t yet know what I would be apologizing for this time."

Emmett Casey

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